We are excited to announce the cast of Nuncrackers!



Lynn Golden Sister Mary Regina (Reverend Mother)
Amie Bjorklund Sister Mary Hubert
Sarah Golden Sister Robert Anne
Emma Nowicki Sister Mary Paul (aka Amnesia)
Grace Darling Sister Mary Leo
Eric Bond Father Virgil Manly Trott
Constanca Langer Jane Kelly
Bridget Zatarga-Fronstin Louise Mayfield
Kennedy Frakes Maria Montini
Brielle Quintana Lynn Hopper
Petra Milan Danek Betty Wilson


We are excited to announce the cast of Spamalot!



Ted Frumkin Arthur
Eric Bond Patsy
Anand Khalsa Robin/Brother Maynard
Hunter Cuison Dennis Galahad/Herbert’s Father
Katherine Martin Lady of the Lake
Connor Wanless Lancelot/Tim the Enchanter
Travis Meryhew Bedevere/Black Knight/Ensemble
Jonathon Perry Brown Herbert/Guard 2
Lynn Golden Historian/Voice of God/Alms Nun/Ensemble
Ciara Archer Mayor/French Guard 1/Ensemble
Dan Marburger Guard 1/Mrs. Galahad/Singing Minstrel/Ensemble
Nick Foss Not Dead Fred/Another Minstrel
Sarah Golden Cart Hauler/French Taunter/Herbert Guard 1/Ensemble
Zack Pepe Sir Not Appearing/Concorde/Bors/Ensemble
Ashley Rhoads French Guard 2/Ensemble
Alec Merrill French Guard 3/Ensemble
Dani Topel Knight of Ni/Ensemble
Skylar Ryan Lovely Lady/Ensemble
Nicolas Caglia Herbert Guard 2/Bors Companion/Ensemble
Alexandra Palmatier Rabbit Puppeteer/Ensemble
Joshua Merrill Holy Hand Grenade Monk/Ensemble
Nicole Scaringelli Another Minstrel/Ensemble

Peter Pan

Congratulations and thank you for auditioning for Peter Pan at Desert Stages Theatre! We had a terrific turn out at auditions. The directing team had a difficult time choosing these casts.

The MANDATORY PARENT MEETING and First General Rehearsal is Tuesday October 10th at your actors scheduled time (Early cast from 4-6 and Late Cast from 6-8). All actors must have a parent present at the meeting… Thank you.

Certain leads WILL be called to rehearse music the week of October 2nd (4-5:30 for Early Cast and 5:30-7 for late cast) and additional leads will be called on Monday October 9th. Full rehearsal schedule to follow.

Please note: Tickets for Peter Pan are ON SALE NOW! You do not need to wait until the parent meeting to buy tickets. The Box office telephone number is 480-483-1664.

Please Note: MANY actors will be playing multiple characters in the show. For example… Mr. and Mrs. Darling will be able to play the parents and an additional role during the same show in order to add stage time for the actor. Additional parts will be assigned during the first week of rehearsal.

Please watch for an email from The email will have a lot of additional information for you.


Early Cast

Rehearsal from 4-6pm & Performing Friday Nights and Saturday Afternoons



Katie Aiello Pirate
Chloe Allen Mrs. Darling (o)/ Lost Boy (c)
Jennifer ArangoMacias 2nd Twin (c)/ indian (c)
Kara Armstrong 1st Twin (c)/Indian (o)
Katherine Baier Wendy (o)/Indian (c)
Lauren Becker Grown Up Wendy/Indian
Ashlyn Beckman Slightly (o)/Indian (c)
Avery Beckman Starkey
Anora Biggs Slightly(c)/ Lost boy (o)
Lyla Brandon Indian
Carolyn Brooker Pirate
Chase Buchholz Mr. Darling (o)/ Pirate (c)
Delaney Buchholz Cecco (o)/Pirate (c)
Taya Burman Michael (o)/Lost Boy (c)
Zoe Bustamante Pirate
Sophia Chouinard Crocodile (c)/Pirate (o)
Gwen Cosman Nibs (c)/Lost Boy (o)
Dylann Cox Tiger Lily (o)/ Indian (c)
Madison Crespo Nibs (o)/Lost Boy(c)
Emma DelGhiaccio Wendy (c)/Indian (o)
Annabel Enright 1st Twin (o)/Indian (c)
William Enright Mullins
Ella Fox Nana (c)/Lost Boy (o)
Chantel Frankson Tiger Lily (c)/ Indian (o)
Allura Ground Jane (c)/ Lost Boy (o)
Cameron Grove John (o)/Lost Boy (c)
Zane Gulick Pirate
Alexa Hendricksen Lost Boys
Stella Hendricksen Lost Boys
Olivia Hizme Peter Pan (c)/ Indian (o)
Samantha “Sam” Hizme Curley (c)/Indian (o)
Amelia Hycnar Lost Boy
Cate Johnson Crocodile (o)/ Pirate (c)
Autumn Jongert Curley (o)/ Indian(c)
Olivia Jongert Tootles (o)/ Indian(c)
Malia Kaminski Liza (c)/Indian (o)
Chloe Kane Pirate
Ashlee Kaye Tootles (c) / Lost Boy (o)
Austin Kaye John (c)/ Lost boy (o)
Lainey Kenly Jane (o)/ Indian (c)
Layne Kennelly Pirate
Kiera Kinerk Lost Boy
Sophia Kristoff Pirate
Constança Langer Kangaroo
Eric Lapizco Pirate
Aaron Lige Jukes
Isla Martinelli Lost Boy
Avery McAndrew Pirate
Kennedy Mengedoth 2nd Twin (o)/ Lost Boy (c)
Meg Neil Mrs. Darling (c)/Lost Boy (o)
Brooke Nielsen Liza (o)/ Indian (c)
Ceili Olney Cecco (c)/Pirate(o)
Ella Parsons Pirate
Sophie Perlstein Smee (c)/Indian (o)
Gabby Peterson Indian
Paige Presley Noodler
Kimaya Rao Nana (o) /Lost Boy (c)
Ethan Roga Michael (o)/ Lost boy (c)
Dean Samartzis Mr. Darling (c)/Pirate (o)
Kali Lev Shaham Lost Boy
Matthew Steward Captain Hook
Veda Thomas Peter Pan (o)/ Lost Boy (c)
Sydney Wolfert Lion
Bianca Wong Pirate
Isabella Wong Pirate
Lauren Youngstedt Pirate
Xander Zeeb Smee (o)/ Pirate (c)
Samantha Zell Ostrich

Late Cast

Rehearsal from 6-8pm & Performing Saturday Nights and Sunday Afternoons



Racquelle Arellano Lost Boy
Zachary Ayala Pirate
Bali Bare Ostrich
Natalie Blum Lost Boy
Macy Bonnett Jane (c)/ Lost boy (o)
Annie Bugbee Pirate
Austin Butler Captain Hook (c)/Mullins (o)
Emma Carranza Pirate
Teresa Chavez Grown Up Wendy (o)/ Pirate (c)
Lylah Defibaugh Indian
Christopher Devous Michael
MarySue Dickens Slightly (c)/ Indian (o)
Elsie Donsker Nana/Lost Boy
Owen Donsker John (c)/Lost Boy (o)
Isabela Farmer-Bonilla Pirate
Iyla Feist Nibs (c)/Pirate (o)
Sawyer Furio Nibs (o)/Pirate (c)
Abigail Golden Kangaroo
Gigi Griepp Peter Pan (c)/Indian (o)
Jamie Hattstaedt Lost Boy
Jenna Hollerbach Liza (o)/ Indian (c)
Landon Kalinowski John (o)/ Lost Boy (c)
Katelyn Karcher Curley (o)/Indian (c)
Ryelie Kaye Jane (o)/ Indian (c)
Jordan Koeppel Smee (c)/Pirate(o)
Jake Krotonsky Starkey
Sadie Krotonsky Tiger Lily (c)/ Indian (o)
Kira Liljegren Grown Up Wendy (c)/ Pirate (o)
Kennady MacDonald Curley (c)/Indian (O)
Sam Markson Mr. Darling/Pirate
Caitlyn McDowell Pirate
Isabella Menzel Cecco
Stefan Mladenov Captain Hook (o)/ Mullins (c)
Ryan Morales Noodler
Ariana Moser Mrs. Darling (o)Lost boy (c)
Neila Ngo Lost Boys
Simone Ngo Lost Boys
Kelsi Nicosia Indian
Bo O’Brasky Lion
Brianna OBrien Crocodile (o)/Pirate (c)
Chloe Pierson Wendy (c) Lost boy (o)
Ellie Pompay Lost Boy
Sophia Ream Lost Boy
Allison Rhee Slightly (o)/Indian (c)
Bridget Rhee Wendy (o)/ Indian (c)
Ashley Rhoads Indian
Allie Rose Smee (o)/ Indian (c)
Tessa Roth Pirate
Nicole Scaringelli 1st Twin
Ryan (Matthew) Sheade Tootles
Declan Spanko Jukes
Ashley Thomson Liza (c)/ Lost boy (o)
Morgan Vasiliauskas Lost Boy
Cassidy Veale Crocodile (c)/Pirate (o)
Jamie Villarreal Tiger Lily (o)/Indian (c)
Devyn Wallace Pirate
Brierly Wand Mrs. Darling (c)/Indain (o)
Sage Wenninghoff 2nd twin
Macie Wilbur Peter Pan (o) Indian (c)
Lexi Zastrow Lost Boy
Bridget Zatarga-Fronstin Lost Boy
Alexandra Zur Pirate


The Dark At The Top of The Stairs

We are excited to announce the cast of The Dark At The Top of The Stairs!

Cast List



Christi Sweeney Cora Flood
Jesse Abrahams Rubin Flood
Quinlyn Ashlock Reenie Flood
Brady Fiscus Sonny Flood
Ashley Rhoads Flirt Conroy
Lynn Golden Lottie Lacey
Paul Hartwell Morris Lacey
Tristen Henson Sammy Goldenbaum
Luke Manock Punky Givens