If you are auditioning for a Desert Stages show and have any questions, please contact us at Our staff is always happy to help.

General Audition Requirements
Unless otherwise noted in the following show-specific information, all auditions require a:

  • Completed Audition Form
  • Headshot – can be a body-length picture as long as the face is clearly visible
  • Resume

Dixie Swim Club

Directed by KatiBelle Collins

Sunday April 28th at 7pm

Sunday May 5th at 7pm


Bring headshot and resume
Cold reads from the script.

Casting 5 women age range 30-60:

Sheree Hollinger-Team captain, hyper organized, health nut, eternal tomboy.

Dinah Grayson-Wise-cracking cynic, lawyer, fought her way to the top, hard drinker, dry sense of humor

Lexie Richards-True Southern Belle, vain, youth-obsessed, male magnet, keeps cosmetic surgeon on speed dial.

Jeri Neal mcFeeley-A ditzy ray of sunshine, perky, naive, sees the positive side of life having been a nun for years.

Vernadette Simms-A hard luck case, limited finances, problematic home life, a dark cloud hovers over her.