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General Audition Requirements
Unless otherwise noted in the following show-specific information, all auditions require a:

  • Completed Audition Form
  • Headshot – can be a body-length picture as long as the face is clearly visible
  • Resume

Auditions for Neil Simon’s Jake’s Women have been announced!

Directed by Janis Webb

Jake, a novelist who is more successful with fiction that with life, faces a marital crisis by daydreaming about the women in his life. The wildly comic and sometimes moving flashbacks played in his mind are interrupted by visitations from actual females. Jake’s women include a revered first wife who was killed years earlier in an accident, his daughter who is recalled as a child but is now a young woman, his boisterous and bossy sister, an opinionated analyst, his current wife who is leaving Jake for another man, and a prospective third wife. Jake and his women definitely deliver.

Sunday, January 19 at 7 pm
Callbacks: Monday, January 20 at 7pm

Cold reads from the script
Bring resume and headshot


Roles casting:
Karen: (50’s) Jake’s boisterous and bossy sister
Molly: (at 12) Jake’s daughter, sweet and loving
Molly: (at 21) Jake’s daughter, independent and strong
Julie: (early 20’s) Jake’s first wife and mother to Molly. She was killed in an accident years ago
Sheila: (40’s, 50’s) Jake’s current girlfriend and possible third wife.

The roles of Jake, Maggie, and Edith have been cast.