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Sunday, March 19 at 6:00-9:00pm
Monday, March 20 at 7:00-10:00 pm
Please bring a copy of your headshot and resume
Auditions will consist of a 16-32 bar cutting from a musical theatre/rock song as well as a 1-2 minute
dramatic monologue of your choosing reflecting the role(s) you are auditioning for. An accompanist will
be available. Please choose a piece that is NOT from the musical, but is in the same style of the show.
This show has not been pre-cast. All roles are open. Actors of all races, ethnicities, sizes, and across all
gender spectrums are highly encouraged to apply

Sunday, March 26th at 6:00pm
You will be notified by email if the team needs to see more from you


First Rehearsal: Orientation, read thru, music rehearsal 7-10pm
Rehearsals: April 17 – May 25
Tech week: May 27 – June 1
Mondays 7-10pm
Tuesdays 7-10pm
Wednesdays 7-10pm
Thursday 7-10pm
Saturdays 9-11:30am

Any other conflicts must be approved upon being cast


Friday, June 2, 7:30pm
Saturday, June 3, 2:00pm
Saturday, June 3, 7:30pm
Sunday,June 4, 2:00pm

Friday, June 9, 7:30pm
Saturday, June 10, 2:00pm
Saturday, June 10, 7:30pm
Sunday, June 11, 2:00pm


Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre
Mainstage Production of


Directed by Chris R Chávez
Music-directed by Jennifer Adams


– $50 script deposit required in the form of a check payable to DESERT STAGES THEATRE, due at first read-through.  (Checks are NOT deposited unless scripts are not returned by Sunday, JUne 11)

– Show T-shirts are available for $20 each.
– Some costume pieces may need to be purchased/provided personally by actors.

Masks may be required during rehearsals and performances.

Each performer and production team member will be asked to abide by the rules of Desert Stages Theatre.
Show communications will be through SLACK app.

Each performer will be asked to help promote this DST show.

Next to Normal explores how one suburban household copes with crisis and mental illness. Winner of three 2009 Tony Awards, including Best Musical Score and the 2010 Pulitzer Prize, Next to Normal was also chosen as “one of the year’s ten best shows” by critics around the country, including The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone and The New York Times. This deeply moving piece of theatre is an emotional powerhouse that addresses such issues as grieving a loss, ethics in modern psychiatry, and suburban life



Actors of all races, ethnicities, sizes, abilities, and genders (conforming and non-conforming) are highly encouraged to audition.

*Although there is no nudity required, the actor playing Gabe will be required to be shirtless in one brief

Diana Goodman (plays 30-40’s; female presenting)-The matriarch of the family who is living with bi-
polar disorder brought on by a traumatic event earlier in life. She is at times manic, depressive, and
delusional. She is witty and self-aware, but in all essence wants what is best for her family. Vocal range
G below middle C to high G – strong mix to a D.
Dan Goodman (plays 30-40’s; male presenting)-The patriarch of the family who despite his wife’s illness
will go to any length to keep up the façade of the “perfect, loving family”. Dan is tender, patient, and
kind, a man who is just trying to do what he thinks is best. Vocal range B below written middle C to high
A full voice and to high D flat falsetto
Natalie Goodman (plays 16; female presenting)-Diana and Dan’s high school aged daughter who craves
and seeks attention yet rarely finds it. She is intelligent and very aware of her circumstances and just
wants to lead a life that is “next to normal”. Vocal range G below middle C to high G – strong mix to E
Gabe Goodman (plays 18; male presenting)-Diana and Dan’s son and Natalie’s older brother. He’s
energetic, carefree, and charming. He knows that he is his mother’s favorite child and will go to any
lengths to ensure that security. Vocal range C (written middle C) to high A full voice and high D (above
staff) falsetto.
Henry (plays 17; male presenting)-Natalie’s high school boyfriend. He’s a musician, goofy, and a self-
proclaimed “loner and a bit of a stoner”. He is Natalie’s security and the most solid person in her life.
Vocal range low A below written middle C to high G full voice and high A falsetto.
Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine (plays 30-50’s; male presenting)-Two of Diana’s doctors. Dr. Madden,
a psychopharmacologist, is more traditional when it comes to treatment and is less inclined to take his
patients suggestions into consideration. Dr. Fine is Diana’s “rock star” and far more practical when it
comes to Diana’s treatment and more willing to work with her and her family. Vocal ranges low A below
written middle C to high A flat full voice. Actor will play both roles.