If you are auditioning for a Desert Stages show and have any questions, please contact us at Our staff is always happy to help.

General Audition Requirements
Unless otherwise noted in the following show-specific information, all auditions require a:

  • Completed Audition Form
  • Headshot – can be a body-length picture as long as the face is clearly visible
  • Resume

by Neil Simon

General Auditions: Wednesday, December 2 at 7PM (no appointment needed)

Callbacks: Thursday, December 3 at 7PM (by invitation only)

Show Dates: January 22 – February 14, 2021

Directed By Virginia Olivieri

Cold Reads from the script.

Auditioners will need to bring headshot and resume

Rehearsals will begin on or around December 14th. Rehearsals will generally be in the

evenings after 7pm and some weekends are a possibility.


Odd Couple Casting:

6 Men, 1 Woman

1 Pigeon sister has been pre-cast


Oscar Madison – Male, 40-65

A carefree, good-natured, divorced sportswriter who lives alone in a messy eight-room

apartment. He is completely oblivious to dirt, clutter, and the overdue child-support payments.

Oscar’s lifestyle is abruptly turned around when he takes in Felix Ungar, whose wife has thrown

him out.


Felix Ungar – Male, 40-65

A fussy man who knows that he is difficult to live with but cannot-or will not-make any

concessions or compromises. His wife, unwilling to continue their marriage, asks him to leave

the family despite his suicide threat, and he then moves in with Oscar.


Pigeon Sister – Female, Late 20’s-40’s

Oscar and Felix’s giggly upstairs neighbor, one of a pair of English sisters. Strong comedic skills


Speed – Male, 30-60

One of Oscar and Felix’s poker buddies. Gruff and sarcastic, often picking on Vinnie and



Murray – Male, 30-60

NYPD policeman, one of Oscar and Felix’s poker buddies


Roy – Male, 30-60

Poker buddy. Oscar’s accountant. Dry wit but is less acerbic than speed.


Vinnie – Male, 30-60

Poker buddy. Mild-mannered and henpecked, making him an easy target for Speed’s verbal