Congratulations to the cast of Gerry Cullity’s The Butterfly’s Day!!!

We are super excited about the cast and working with all of these talented youth actors.Please watch for an email from before the weekend is over with important information.

Last Name, First Name: Part Cast
Allen, Grace: The Gypsy Moth Queen (Sunday)/ Gypsy Moth (Saturday)
Arriola, Gabriela: Black and White (Saturday)/ Bug (Sunday)
Bradbury, Carter: Fumble (Saturday)/ Gypsy Moth (Sunday)
Brandon, Lyla: The Butterfly (Sunday)/ Gypsy Moth (Saturday)
Chan, Isabella: Bug
Clore, Rylie: Sleazy
Cooper, Chloe: Katy Didn’t (Sunday)/ Bug (Saturday)
Cordova,Eva: Gypsy Moth
Crown, Sophia: Demon (Saturday)/ Gypsy Moth (Sunday)
Daguanno, Graisyn: The Doctor (Sunday)/ Bug
Donsker, Elsie: The Ladybug (Sunday)/ Butterfly Brigade (Sunday)
Ellis, Sonali: Bug
Enright, William: Black and White (Sunday)/ Bug (Saturday)
Enright, Annabel: Fumble (Sunday)/ Gypsy Moth (Saturday)
Farmer-Bonilla, Isa: Bug
Fialkosky, Hope: The Mother (Sunday)/ Gypsy Moth (Saturday)
Frakes, Kennedy: Katy Did (Sunday)/ Gypsy Moth (Satruday)
Granger, Brynn: Sneaky
Greer, Rogan: Bug
Greer, Briley: Butterfly Brigade
Hall, Dayna Michelle: The Little Girl (Saturday)/ Gypsy Moth (Sunday)
Hall Jr., Walter: Sluggy
Hassler, Sydney: The Butterfly (Saturday)/ Gypsy Moth (Sunday)
Hendricksen, Alexa: Katy Did (Saturday)/ Bug (Sunday)
Hendrickson, Lizzy: Bug
Johnson, Cate: Dream Master (Saturday)/ Bug (Sunday)
Kopp, Annie: Demon (Sunday)/ Gypsy Moth (Saturday)
Krotonsky, Jacob: Bumble (Saturday)/ Gypsy Moth (Sunday)
Krotonsky, Sadie: The Gypsy Moth Queen (Saturday)/ Gypsy Moth (Sunday)
McAndrew, Avery: Gypsy Moth
Momeyer, Tabitha: Garden Angel (Saturday)/ Gypsy Moth (Sunday)
Moser, Ariana: Garden Angel (Sunday)/ Gypsy Moth (Saturday)
Mullen, Gwen: Singer of Forgotten Songs (Sunday)/ Bug (Saturday)
Ngo, Harlow: Bug
Ngo, Simone: Butterfly Brigade
Ngo, Neila: The Ladybug (Saturday)/ Butterfly Brigade (Sunday)
O’ Brien, Chiara: Bug
O’Brien, Brianna: The Little Girl (Sunday)/ Bug (Saturday)
O’Connor, Cassidy: Gypsy Moth
Peters, Madalyn: Katy Didn’t (Saturday)/ Gypsy Moth (Sunday)
Rao, Kimaya: Butterfly Brigade
Sandifer, Ava: Dream Master (Sunday)/ Gypsy Moth (Saturday)
Schwartz, Danica: Butterfly Brigade
Scott, Bea: The Doctor (Saturday)/ Bug
Shah, Priya: Butterfly Brigade
Shaham, Kali Lev: Bug
Shapiro, Scarlette: Butterfly Brigade
Sheade, Matthew: Singer of Forgotten Songs (Saturday)/ Bug (Sunday)
Sherman, Ilana: The Mother (Saturday)/ Gypsy Moth (Sunday)
Sun, Serena: Bug
Wolfert, Sydney: Slimy
Zeeb, Xander: Bumble (Sunday)/ Gypsy Moth (Saturday)
Zeeb, Emmie: Butterfly Brigade


Congratulations to the cast of The Bad Seed!

Rhoda: Anora Biggs
Christine: Virginia Olivieri
Leroy: Robert Peters
Monica: Janis Webb
Emory: J Kevin Tallent
Tasker: Mark Burkett
Bravo: Matthew Cary
Mrs. Daigle: Erica Connell
Miss Fern: Debra Watt
Mr. Daigle: Bill Bennett
Kenneth: TBD

Congratulations to those cast in Young Frankenstein



Jeff Ogden Fredrick
Jonathan Perry Brown Igor
Fay Schneider Inga
Lindsay Puccetti Elizabeth
Kathi Osborne Frau Blucher
Daniel “Cheez” Johnon The Monster
Patrick Vaillancourt Inspector Kemp
Dan Ashlock Victor/ Steward/ Mr. Holltop
Mark 4Man Hermit/ Quartet
Jacob Herrera Ziggy/ Telegraph Boy/ Mad Scientist/ Quartet
Kevin Fenderson Herald/ Student/ Bob/ Quartet
Isaiah Salazar Mordecai/ Quartet / Frederick Swing
Alyssa Armstrong Villagers/ Students/ Mad Scientists/ Dance Captain
Tiffany Martinez Villagers/ Students/ Mad Scientists
Alec Merrill Villagers/ Students/ Mad Scientists
Alie Rose Villagers/ Students/ Mad Scientists
Faden Shapiro Villagers/ Students/ Mad Scientists
Erin Tarkington Villagers/ Students/ Mad Scientists
Dani Topel Villagers/ Students/ Mad Scientists
Jamie Villarreal Villagers/ Students/ Mad Scientists
Macie Wilson Villagers/ Students/ Mad Scientists