Meribeth Reeves’ General Policies

Actors are encouraged to be very prepared, showing character work and research, and memorizing material, so they can give the best audition possible.

Our experienced directors and staff will place your child in a part that is right for him/her and right for the production! Casting decisions are made by our entire creative team, not by only one person. Decisions are final.

Any actor may be cast in the ensemble, as a lead, or anything in-between, no matter if it is his/her first or twentieth production. Some actors may have a leading role in one show and/or an ensemble role in another. No performer is ever right for the lead in every show, and learning all areas of being in a production is important to their education. We cast our actors where we feel they belong in that particular production, with very little regard to parts they have done previously.

There are many factors that go into casting, including: talent, attitude, the desire and enthusiasm to work hard, preparation for auditions, the best fit for a role (which is not always the “best” singer/dancer/actor), availability, taking direction, and working well with other cast members. Factors that do not go into casting are: pressure from parents, how much money or time parents donate to the program, who had the lead in prior shows, how old the student is, what roles the student had in professional or outside productions, and what agent/manager/casting director will be coming to the show.

Although some “lead” parts are bigger than “ensemble”; roles, children who participate in the ensemble often have more stage time than the principals do! During the rehearsal process many ensemble players are assigned solo parts, or are featured in dance numbers. After casting, please encourage your children to be enthusiastic about their roles, and please discourage them from counting their lines.

Our actors are understanding, respectful and work hard to shine in whatever part they are given. Please be positive and supportive if they are disappointed by the casting choices. If you set a positive tone for them, they will follow suit! If you react negatively to the casting of the show, they are likely to, as well.

We do not discuss our casting decisions with parents.

After casting, if actors would like to receive some feedback, they are welcome to approach us after the table read or via email. We will let them know what they could improve on for future auditions!


Actors are required to bring pencil, paper and script to all rehearsals.

Actors are not allowed to leave at any time during rehearsals or performances.

Cell phones are not allowed during rehearsals or shows. They can be checked during their designated break. If you need to reach your child during a rehearsal, I ask that
you contact Ally Baumlin.

An ongoing rehearsal calendar is provided. It is as detailed as possible for as far out as possible. As the rehearsals continue, adjustments may be made, but all will be
communicated no less than ONE WEEK before the changed rehearsal. Once a scene is staged, all lines and lyrics, music, and choreography must be memorized the next time we run that scene. We expect all actors to take the time to review and practice at home in order to retain what’s been taught.

All actors should bring water bottles clearly labeled with their names. Please arrive to rehearsal having had a recent meal. Please do not bring full meals for snack breaks, and do not arrive to rehearsal expecting to be able to eat right away! We do have a snack bar with items for sale.

Actors should be dressed appropriately for each rehearsal. This means clothing that is loose fitting and comfortable to move in. For a musical, it also includes appropriate footwear for the character and/or choreography. No skirts or tight fitting jeans.

Shoes must be closed-toed. NO FLIP FLOPS OR HEAVY BOOTS! Sneakers are allowed, but we recommend ballet, jazz or character shoes.


Use the provided rehearsal tracks to practice at home.

It’s essential for parents and actors to check and respond to SLACK daily. This is where all communication regarding the show will be.

It’s okay if actors don’t want to practice with (or in front of) family members, but please do check in with them to make sure that they are practicing regularly.

If your child does want your help, go over his/her lines and cue lines as well. (A cue line is the line directly before they speak.) Also, help them to learn the plot of each scene. You can start by asking him or her what is happening in the scene. This will help your child memorize their lines with an idea of what the scene is actually about.

We also require parents to help the production in various ways: costuming, photography, graphic design, helping backstage or in the front of the theatre, etc.  Please contact Linda Barton at the Box Office to express your interest in volunteering.


All schedule conflicts need to be revealed before auditions happen. We are very accommodating of conflicts, as long as we know about them in advance. We ask in return that once the show is cast, you adhere to the conflicts provided.

When a student is ill or there is a family emergency, the producer must be notified as soon as possible. This gives us time to adjust the rehearsal schedule if possible.

The student must reach out to another student to have them take notes/record vocals/notate blocking etc. This is the responsibility of the student to catch up to what they’ve missed. We do not have time to review missed material with each individual student. If he or she misses too much, the student may need to schedule a paid private lesson to catch up to what is missed.

Missing more than three rehearsals in a session MAY result in an actor’s lines/part being given to another student.


Tech rehearsals are mandatory – no exceptions. All dress rehearsals and shows are also mandatory. You must book out with your agent.

If you miss a tech rehearsal or dress rehearsal, your part may be immediately recast with no refund, if applicable.

Photography and videography is STRICTLY prohibited. You may purchase photos/recordings from us directly after the show.