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Our Rating System

At Desert Stages Theatre, we understand that certain works are not for everyone. In order to allow our patrons to better determine what shows are appropriate for their families, we have developed a rating system to give our patrons an idea of what to expect.

We recommend each production for a certain age range. Because we trust that you as a parent are the best person to make decisions for your family, in most cases, all ages will be admitted, but for patrons under the recommended age, parents are strongly cautioned regarding the content.

We determine rating by looking at 3 areas: language, adult content, and violence. The highest age is the one that we recommend, but all possible content issues are addressed.

(Example: If a show receives a rating of 16+ for violence, but only a 10+ rating for language, the show will appear on our website as recommended for 16+ due to language and violence)

Have questions about specific content in a particular production? Contact Executive Director, Stephanie Yampolsky at stephanie@desertstages.org.



All ages: There is no offensive language in the production at any time. There are no references that would be inappropriate for young children.

10+: Infrequent adult language (mild). There are no references that are not appropriate for younger children.

13+: Some adult language (moderate), may contain mild references to adult topics.

16+: Contains adult language (severe). Language may be frequent. Production may also contain some adult references not appropriate for children.

18+: Contains adult language (severe). Language may be frequent. May contain graphic descriptions of adult content.

Note: Mild cursing includes curse words, but does not include religious cursing or the f-word.
Moderate cursing includes curse words and religious slurs, but does not include the f-word.
Severe cursing includes all curse words and religious slurs, including the f-word.


Adult Content

All ages: All content is appropriate for all ages.

10+: May address adult topics, including death and divorce. May contain mild adult situations, such as smoking or drinking. May contain indirect references to sexuality.

13+: May address adult content, including drug use, violence and suicide. May contain adult situations such as substance abuse. May contain direct references to sexuality and mild sexual situations.

16+: Show may contain partial nudity, and suggestive sexual content. May directly depict adult content such as suicide, illegal activities, and drug use.

18+: Show may contain full frontal nudity and explicit, graphic situations. Minors may not be admitted depending on content, contact the box office for more information.



All ages: Show may contain mild slapstick, or typical fairy-tale situations, and characters may face brief moments of mild peril, but nothing that would be considered disturbing to the vast majority of young children.

10+: Show may contain highly comedic violence. Show may contain situations that could be frightening to young children.

13+: Show may contain infrequent violence, such as slaps or basic swordplay. Show may contain situations that could be frightening for children.

16+: Show may contain frequent and moderate violence, including gun violence and death. May contain situations that are intense and frightening for children.

18+: Show contains graphic violence, and may be disturbing for some adults. Not appropriate for children.